• NLP Research Group
    Emory University

Computer Science

Computers have revolutionized the way we live. Our group develops algorithms and applications to innovate machines with high intelligence so they can serve humankind more effectively.

Information Science

Information Age is the era we live in. Our group transforms the way people analyze, extract, and organize key concepts in big data so they make a better use of available information.

Cognitive Science

Machines are catching up fast but not enough. Our group seeks to find the missing pieces between human and machine cognitions and fill the gaps by analyzing their behaviors.

Character Mining

This project tackles machine comprehension on colloquial writing such as dialog or email. We design models to interpret implicit and explicit contexts such as interpersonal feelings or personal identification.

Evolution of LIT

This project develops core NLP components on the cloud for large scale computing. Our components use advanced techniques in deep learning, and show a great strength in handling big data.

Language Parsing

This project explores language structures in all levels. We take linguistic and distributional approaches to parse text into deep dependency graphs conveying practical relations for real applications.

Coming soon!

Medical Diagnosis

This project challenges to infer diagnostic information from medical reports. We develop an automated pipeline that reads medical reports, makes appropriate diagnosis, and sends the info to the patients.