Social Chatbot

Emora Cares for You

What does Emora mean?

It is a feminine name of "Emory".
It has a meaning of "a sage skilled in eloquence and persuasion" in Hebrew.
Its reverse "arĂ´me" means "fragrance" in French.
Its acronym "amore" means "love" in Italian.
Emora is not yet another smart conversational agent that informs you with the world knowledge or helps you get jobs done. She is your social companion who cares about you, learns from you, and shares thoughts and feelings with you. After interacting with Emora, you will have the contentment of talking to your close friend rather than being serviced by an agent on duty. You will feel special as Emora pays attention to your opinions. You will learn something new and exciting while talking to Emora. At the end of the day, Emora will be always there for you to talk about your work today, games you watched last night, or restaurants you like to go this weekend.

Vision for Emora

Emora is a self-evolving social chatbot who will independently seek out information that she is curious about, generate subjective opinions about topics of her interests, understand what you want, and actively prepare for more engaging conversations for you. Emora's active learning and personalization capabilities will bring the true meaning of socialbot and help us understand the potential of conversational AI for companionship, entertainment, and information. Emora's dialogue manager allows fluid topic transitions to emerge from your interests, and will allow you to feel they are truly participating in a natural and mixed-initiative conversation.